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Video – Francisco Kjolseth, First Place

Judged by Andrew Geraci, freelance videographer specializing in timelapse. Owner of District 7 media Francisco Kjolseth, first place: Jim Urquhart, second place: …

Multimedia – Jeffrey Allred, first place 1st – Jeffrey Allred 2nd – Jeffrey Allred 3rd – Dylan Brown

Multimedia – Trevor Christensen, First Place

first- Colin Hatch: A portrait, Trevor Christensen second- He’s the reason, Kim Raff third- Larger than life, Jeff Allred

Multimedia, Kristin Murphy, First Place

First-Crossing borders-Kristin Murphy Alberto Perez is deported to Mexico, a country he has not seen since he was five years old. Second-Sleep-Djamila …

Video – Chris Onstott, First Place

1st- “Hawk Hunting with Justin Neighbor” Chris Onstott 2nd- “National Anthem Tryouts” Jeff Allred 3rd- “Life After Lockup” Chris Onstott