Spot News – Brian Nicholson, First Place


1st – Drowning – Brian Nicholson, Standard-Examiner

02 02 FIRE

2nd – Fire – Alan Murray, Standard-Examiner


3rd – shooter’s arrest – Colin Braley, Standard-Examiner

02 HM Roll Over

4th – rollover – Robert Johnson, Standard-Examiner

First was first because it was the most dramatic moment of the bunch, was well composed and told the story of the drowning straight away. A tragic moment for all those involved. There were several sort of scenic spot news photos – one depicting a wall of fire, another of a shoe laying on a rain soaked street at night – but none captured my attention quite like the brush fire photo that is runner up. Generally, I think spot news photos should concentrate on the human emotions of the moment rather than the scene but in the case of this brush fire it was a great way to tell the story. I liked the thin line of fire running along the bottom of the frame and the plane seen behind veil of smoke. Nice composition. Third was being in the right place at the right time and coming back with a good picture from it as well. More than a few of the photographs entered in the category showed me that the photographer was on the scene but didn’t get close enough to the action. Third place put me right in the action. Fourth was another great job of getting to the moment but I was disappointed a bit that the photographer didn’t bring me closer to the action. The photo felt a bit distant and the composition was not considered as much as i thought it should have been.

Rick Loomis
Los Angeles Times