Feature Photo – Trent Nelson, First Place

04 01 Leaping Shadow

1): Trent Nelson, Salt Lake Tribune – leaping shadow–a beautiful job of seeing that invokes the feel of lazy, carefree day of play–you can almost feel the warmth of the sunshine and hear the sounds of the outdoors.

04 02 Silent Prayer

2): Trent Nelson, Salt Lake Tribune – silent prayer–compositionally interesting, with plenty to look at—you can spend some time in this photo, with all the interesting lines and angles–It is Escher-like

04 03 Sled Dog

3): Scott Winterton, Deseret News – sled dog–hilarious fun and a great moment–stood out from among a lot of nice peak action sledding/skateboarding/snowboarding moments because of the angle of the sled and, of course, it’s canine passenger

As a whole there were many very nice “slice of life” moments that I am sure your publications were happy to have as possible “lede art” on a daily basis…Be encouraged that you all are doing a fine job visually, and I hope you continue to work as hard on these “daily” features as you would on something of a more national or international nature…These type of photos probably mean more to your local readers than anything taken out of the country–It is our duty to make these type of photos as excellent as possible, to reflect and report the daily life that we all experience…Keep up the good work!

God bless

Louis DeLuca
Senior Staff Photographer
Dallas Morning News