Sports Action – Jaren Wilkey, First Place

06 01 Robison

1ST PLACE: Jaren Wilkey, BYU – 06-Robison (67.95): BYU’s Nathan Robison runs in the indoor mile at the 2004 MWC Indoor Track and Field Championships

This photo stood out amongst a large group of mainly hard action shots due to the technical fashion in which it was executed. A lot of the other photos this was going against had busy and distracting backgrounds, but by using a flash w/a rear curtain synch, the photographer did a great job getting the subjects sharp, and the background blurred. Great feel to the photo, the photographer took a chance on this one and it paid off.

06 02 Flying Bull

2nd Place: Robert Johnson, Standard-Examiner – 06-Flying Bull (85.95): Bull rider James White of Houston, Texas gets bucked off Bo-Talkin during the Professional Bull Riders Utah Classic at the Golden Spike Events Center in Ogden 7/09/04.

A peak action photo that captures a great moment during a PBR competition. Keeps me guessing if the guy got crushed in the next frame. This photo would have probably received first place if the entire bull was present in the photo, but it still works without it.

06 03 Baseball Dive

3rd Place: Jason Olson, Deseret News – 06 – Baseball Dive (65.95): Lone Peak outfielder Jaron Gallagher (2) reaches out to try to snag a pop fly as his teammate Pat Bailey comes in to help as Timpanogos faces Lone Peak at Lone Peak High School in Highland Tuesday, March 23, 2004.

Clean photo, good moment, great body position on the diving outfielder. Solid photo.

06 HM Hold on

Honorable Mention: Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News – 06-Hold on (25.95): T.J. Atkin dismounts his horse as he competes in the Calf Roping portion of the Utah State Rodeo Finals in Heber Utah Saturday June 12, 2004.

I like the rider’s face and the ropes going between him and the horse, especially the one in his mouth. I’m not bothered that the horse’s head is missing, but this photo may have done better if the horizon was straight. Good moment, sharp, nice light.

Well here are my picks for the sports action category, plus a short explanation as to why I chose them. Thanks for considering me as a judge, and please don’t hesitate to contact me for future contests.

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Donald Miralle
Senior Staff photographer
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