Sports Feature – Grayson West, First Place

Just a general comment:

There were lots of nice jub images but none that totally came together. Many of them had great moments but were either under or over lensed or the angle was off. I was surprised at how few images were entered in this category.

07 01 Freestyle Snowmobile

7-Freestyle Snowmobile – Grayson West, Park City Park Record
I usually don’t go for setup sports, X-game type events, but the different sized circular lights, I’m assuming some are from snow and some from sun-flare, give this image nice depth and sets it apart from the other images in this category. The riders body language adds to the laid-back dreamy feeling.

07 02 Triathlon Swimmers

07-Triathlon Swimmers – Whitney Curtis, Standard-Examiner
The second place winner used the harsh light and turned it into a nice silhouette with good composition.

07 03 Austin Shuffle

07-Austin Shuffle – Whitney Curtis, Standard-Examiner
Third place is a nice wacky moment. It’s not the best technically but the moment, namely Austin’s face and body-language, overcomes it’s negative aspects.

07 HM Victory

07-Victory – Trent Nelson, Salt Lake Tribune
I liked the seeing in this picture. And it would have placed higher if the crowd had been more raucous, obviously not the fault of the photographer, but again, a great way to approach a fan feature. I think a minor crop, cropping out the blue space on the top left of the frame would have helped as well.

Nhat V. Meyer
San Jose Mercury-News