Portrait – Leah Hogsten, First Place

Overall this was an extremely weak category.

08 01 BabyBliss
1st – Baby Bliss – Leah Hogsten, Salt Lake Tribune

08 02 Brenn Hill

2nd – Brenn Hill – Whitney Curtis, Standard-Examiner


3rd – Harmonica Man – Alan Murray, Standard-Examiner

Baby Bliss took first because it felt spontaneous, moody, and more
unconventional than the rest. Most of the portraits here where incredibly
straight forward and just plain boring. Others border on being hokey. In a
portrait category, ones that rise to the top typically exude personality,
and have a hint of a moment in an otherwise controlled situation.

Brenn Hill took second because I felt like it was the best of all the lit
stuff I saw. When you’re shooting a portrait you have control over
everything — specifically the lighting and the background. The Brenn Hill
shot made the best use of both of those things.

Harmonica man is just plain quirky, and deserving of a third place. Would
have loved to have seen it shot a little wider though and with a cleaner
background, just to exaggerate the hilarity of the situation.

Melissa Lyttle. St. Petersburg Times