Pictorial – Ravell Call, First Place

09 01 Jacobs Chair Rainbow

First Place: Ravell Call, Deseret News – Jacobs Chair Rainbow – the photographer was lucky to find a rainbow, but then used
skill, exposure and technique to elevate the image into something really

09 02 Dog Walk

Second Place: Laura Seitz, Deseret News – Dog Walk – a pictorial beauty with a nice little moment wrapped up in it.

09 03 wind cycles

Third Place: Rick Egan, Salt Lake Tribune – Wind Cycles – an unusual frame, well seen and exposed by the photographer. you can feel the wind and sand when you look at the image.

09 HM Single heart

Honorable Mention: Rick Egan, Salt Lake Tribune – Single Heart – balloon snaps have been done a lot, but this one is particularly nice. a stunning frame really.


The category was very nice overall and it was difficult to make a final

Laura Rauch
Associated Press
Las Vegas