Humor – Michael Brandy, First Place

Here are my choices in the Humor Category that had only 14 entries.

11 01 Short Shorts

First Place: Michael Brandy, Deseret News – The long and the short of it. Utah Jazz center and owner enter the arena. Neither mug the camera, neither smile. There’s a strange absurdity to this because you know the person on the right is our of place on the court.

11 02 Honk if you like Sex Education

Second Place: Steve Griffin, Salt Lake Tribune – Empathy Belly. The eighth grader shows little empathy as he squeezes the breasts while the teacher is totally serious in the message she’s trying to convey to 13-year-olds. Juxtaposition of the differing actions and the very adolescent behavior of
the student make this a very close second. Background helps.

11 03 Ready Aim Fire

Third Place: Steve Griffin, Salt Lake Tribune – The rules of the bathroom. That’s one crowded bathroom.

No other places awarded among the remaining 11 entries.

What’s funny is absurdity in everyday activity, not people playing to the
camera, not wearing silly hats. See Elliott Erwitt.

Hope this is helpful.

Alan Berner
Seattle Washington