Spot News – Samantha Clemens, First Place

First Place: Crushed, Samantha Clemens

Photographer had a keen eye to spot the feet inside the crushed cab. Good job of getting to a spot news scene quickly and making an intriguing image. Composition works well with other rescue workers in background.

Second Place: Wildland Fire, Jeff Allred

Great job of making a news photo. Image really catches your eye. Photographer was very astute to find an angle that showed the outline of a nighttime wildfire above the blur of suburbia.

Third Place: Rollover, Jeff Allred

Classic spot news photo. Clean, simple image. Wish it had been cropped tighter. Nice job of capturing the grimace on the victim’s face as he is helped from the vehicle.

SPHMNS 101711 carjacking03
Honorable Mention: Carjacking, Nick Short

Honorable Mention: Car vs. House, Jeff Allred

Judge: Bruce Moyer
Deputy Director Photography
Tampa Bay Times (formerly St. Petersburg Times)