Multimedia – Rick Egan, First Place

1. Rock star for a day, Rick Egan

1. Rock star for a day had some great moments and made me want to care about Michael. Even though I didn’t know who he was or what made him special, I still cared because I learned about him from the people around him. The biggest shortcoming of this video is that I didn’t care about Michael until the end because he was not introduced, therefore learning that he was a rockstar for a day didn’t mean much because no context had been provided. Some simple re-structuring of the layers of this story narrative could make this a really strong package.
2. Zion frogs, Samantha Clemens

2. There’s nothing exciting about being handed an assignment about testing frogs and snipping tadpole tales but this story succeeded because it had a clear beginning middle and end. It had a pretty good mix of nat sound and narrative. I knew very early on the “what” and then learned the “how” and “why”. The sound editing could use some polishing and it could use a better closer. Kudos to the shooter and editor for making it a complete story. Nailing the simple stories like this again and again sets you up for success when you get a story that you really care about.
3. Enter the cage, Erin Hooley

3. Best access and best visuals of all of the stories I judged. Nice work. It could use some real help in the editing. I stopped watching at around the 5-minute mark because it lost my attention. I’ll never say that online video should be 2, 3, or 5-minutes long but however long it is it needs to be engaging and we need to be taken further into the story and see moments. It started off as a sights and sounds piece about MMA and it took well over a minute to get into any narrative that could tell me what this story was about. It wasn’t until 3:35 that we started to hear from the main character. There seems like tons of good material here and I think this story could be edited down to a really nice package that takes you through the layers of the story in about 6 minutes.

Judge: Garrett Hubbard
Visual Storytelling Producer